Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

Today was such a strange Christmas. Kevin was scheduled to work, which we were really sad about, but he ended up getting put on call and had to go in at 1pm. Around 4 he called me and told me that he was sick and had been in the bathroom throwing up for the last hour or so, so he was coming home. Since then, he's been sleeping and the girls and I have been trying to stay sane in this little house.

I'll backtrack. On November 22nd we put an offer on a house. Being a short sale, our Realtor told us to be patient and not to get our hopes up on this house because it is unlikely that short sales actually go through in a timely fashion, if ever at all. Well, less than two weeks later, we received a call from Judy, the Realtor, informing us that our offer had been accepted. We were ecstatic because we had our hearts set on that house and were not in a hurry to get out of our current home, so we were willing to wait as long as necessary. Because the offer was accepted so quickly, we were on a deadline. We had to come up with some serious cash--and fast! So, needless to say, Kevin has been working nonstop. Fortunately, we came up with the money and signed all of the final paperwork last Wednesday. Hopefully keys will be in our hands by Monday or Tuesday.

Since days off are scarce around here, Kevin has spend every minute away from the hospital packing and getting things ready for the big move. I suppose I shouldn't call it a big move, because we are only going about two miles down the road and we have a minimal amount of "stuff" that we have to transfer. Going from a 1,200 square-foot house to a 2,900 square-foot house will bring many changes--more cleaning, empty, non-decorated rooms, and MUCH more space for the girls to grow and play, to name a few. Oh, and how could I forget, a beautiful backyard and pool! Summers in Bakersfield are so ridiculously hot, that a pool is a definite necessity here.

Why was I talking about all of this? Yes, because I sit here in my empty house with clutter all around me, unable to be put in a proper place because nothing really has a place at this point in time. Can you tell that I am ready to move and give my family an organized home? Ha! Back to Christmas...

Since our house is not very "homey" at the present time, we decided that it would be best to have Christmas at my parents' house. We brought Charly home with us last night, and Reese and Zoë stayed the night to wait for Santa. Kevin and I had a long chat (I'll talk about that another time) last night and stayed up until around 1:30am and had to be up to be at my parents' by 5:30. Other than being dead tired, Santa(s) was successful in giving the girls an abundance of really cool stuff. Reese and Zoë both received bicycles, Rapunzel dresses and wigs, new black boots, some clothes, and stockings full of useful things like socks, panties, and an electric Hello Kitty toothbrush. Charly got a few little toys, but was more interested in the paper, bows, and boxes than anything else. My parents got Kevin a Dremel MultiMax (which I am super pumped about) and some attachments for it. I am always really hard to shop for, so my parents (and Kevin) have learned that it is just easier to either give me money or take me shopping and let me pick out my own stuff. Luckily, last weekend, we were able to drive down to Home Goods and I got many treasures for our new house. My mom and I also made a last minute stop at Williams-Sonoma last night and picked up some stuff for my new kitchen. We definitely got spoiled, just like every year.

After we opened presents, we got ready and went to my sister Tina's house. There we had prime rib, turkey, potatoes, green beans, etc. It was all lovely. The best part, like always, was watching the girls interact with their older cousins. They LOVE them so much! It is so funny to see them look up to other kids. My nieces and nephew are such good kids; I am so grateful to have them for my girls to play with. After we ate and opened presents, we just hung out and chatted. It was very relaxed and calm. Definitely what I needed. I was bummed that Kevin got called in to work, but there were a lot of sick people in the ER today! The best thing about that situation is that this is the LAST holiday that Kevin will have to work! THANK GOODNESS!

I promise to write more about my talk with Kevin last night, but it will take more time than I am willing to spend right now. Just know that it made us both re-evaluate a lot of things that we are dealing with in our lives. We are so grateful for our marriage and our lovely daughters. They bring us so much joy. :)

Writing is such a stress reliever. ONE of my many New Year's resolutions is to write, journal, blog, create, etc. more often. This is my start. More later. Goodnight.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picture Wall

We are seriously so bad about taking pictures. One would think that we would be the last people to have too few pictures, but we really have more pictures of other people than we do of ourselves! Recently, well, like 2 months ago (maybe more), I raided the "buy one, get one for a penny" sale at Aaron Brothers, and went a little crazy on the frames. I had Kevin put them up at that time, and I just finally got my act together and filled the frames with photos! Yay!! We have a family picture wall at last! It looks pretty cute too!

Crazy Dazy

Life around the Watson house has been insane lately. Reese is now 4 1/2, Zoë is 3 1/2 and Charly will be 5 months on the 17th! Time is a-flyin' and we are just so busy! I was offered my dream job over the summer, and started working at the end of August. It was much more difficult to leave the girls than I thought it would be, but Kevin was lucky enough to be able to take 6 weeks (paid) time off of work to stay home with the girls. He had a wonderful time with them. Last week, life changed again. Daddy had to go back to work and Charly and Zoë are back in daycare on the days that Kevin works. Oh, and p.s., whoever said that teachers have the best schedule, is nutty. The job really is never-ending. BUT, I do love my job! As hard as it is to get all of the girls ready every morning, bathed, brushed, bowed, etc., it really is worth it when I get to school. OH, I forgot to mention the tears...from mommy :) Regardless of the grief that I face every morning, I love that I can be a teacher who influences teenagers every day and then come home and still (try to) be a dedicated wife and mama! This is no easy task...I have only been to the gym 2 times in the last 7 weeks and if you know me, you know that that is not okay! Balance is something that I am currently trying to handle. This weekend was Kevin's first back at work for full days. As much as we miss him at home, I have LOVED having the girls to myself all weekend! I even managed to get some decorating done and the girls had so much fun painting all weekend! Here are some of our little projects we've been working on:

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have finally figured out how to make a cute background thanks to my friend Tiffany! I am so excited to share all of our updates and use this blog as a journaling tool for myself. Life is completely crazy and insanely busy right now, so hopefully this will be a successful way for me to record our family's experiences over this next year! I can't wait to write again...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I really this dumb?

Honestly! I can't figure out how to have a cute background that actually works...maybe when I figure this thing out I can begin my journaling experience...blah!