Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Well, no matter how sad I was about my alarm this morning, I still got up, took a bath (long story), and got to work! Am I the only one who think that the summer FLEW by? And am I the only person who had big plans for summer projects but made only little progress? Please say no to both of these things. After a TON of work in my classroom over the last few days, it was worth it to walk in, smell my Scentsy, see my beautiful boards, and wait for my anxious freshmen to arrive!

In bigger news, Reese started Kindergarten today! She was so excited and looked super cute, like always! Kevin dropped her off because our schools start at the same time, but he emailed me pictures right away and said that she did wonderfully. She had her sparkly little backpack and lunchbox and all the cute stuff that Reese requires :) She told Kevin when she got in the car, after school, that she ate hot lunch because she couldn't unsnap her lunchbox...I'll have to email her teacher and make sure we don't owe the school any money because Reese didn't take any!

Here are some cute pictures we took this morning before we all went our separate ways! Enjoy!
Zoƫ stayed home with Kevin and Charly today. She was super excited about that!
Mrs. Watson, all ready for the first day of teaching!
My cute cute cute girl! I can't even believe she is already in school! It seriously seems like yesterday we were sitting in the NICU waiting for her to digest milk so we could take home our little 5 pound baby! NOW look at this crazy lady!
Reese and me all ready to go! I was trying so hard not to cry...I think we look alike here, too.
Here's Sissy at her desk. I wasn't there, but I can just imagine her saying, "Daddy, I am ready to write! No more pictures!!"
It was a fun day for everyone! I hope you all had a great first day of school, too!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, Idaho...

We finally make it to Idaho! After not knowing for sure if we would be able to get away for a vacation, everything fell into place and we hit the road. 15.5 hours later, we arrived. It is crazy to think that when I lived here, all I could ever think about was moving back home to California. Now, every time we are here, it's like torture to leave. So conflicting! Even though I have no control of our situation right now, I still think about the reasons we live in California and I dwell on weighing one place against the other.

What I love about California:
My family and friends
Our jobs
Our house and pool (not in a material sense, but because they entertain us with projects and hold much excitement for the girls).

What I love about Idaho:
The air
The parks (and that we play ultimate frisbee for fun)
Kevin's family
That everything is SO dead on Sundays

What I don't love about California:
The air
The heat
The filthiness
The lack of healthy people and activities
***This entire category is what kills me. These are the things I hate most in life and I struggle with them every single day.

What I don't love about Idaho:
Snow (and having to wear suitable shoes)
There is only one drive-thru Starbucks (not in the entire state, duh!)
The speed limits
We don't have jobs here
Houses cost about the same as in Bakersfield, but we would make 1/2 the money...I think...I totally have not looked into it (weird, I know).

Pretty unimpressive lists. Our goal was to move before the girls started school. Guess what? Reese starts school in like 2 weeks :/ The thing that frustrates me is that we love our "stuff" so much because we have worked really hard for it. I know that sounds bad, but it's totally true. Our house brings us so much joy! The ability to make it our home, entertain family and friends, and have a fabulous place for our girls to grow up is so important to me. Also, we are not in a position, in either of our jobs, to simply pack up and start fresh. In fact, it would probably be close to impossible for me to even find a teaching job (not that I wouldn't be perfectly happy staying home, if I could...I think). Unfortunately, Kevin is in a really great place at his current hospital and he is gaining so much experience there...I could go on for days with these shenanigans. I'll be even worse after spending time with my friends and their kids this week, just you wait!

Ultimately, what it comes down to is the fact that we want to be as happy as possible for ourselves and our girls. Life is crazy. Sometimes I wish we would have never left. Then again, maybe I just love it here because we are on vacation, which I highly doubt. Who knows. Perhaps something will just pop up, out of the blue, and we will head down a different path. A year ago, we never thought we would be able to buy the house we live in and love now. It just makes me so anxious to think of all the possibilities for our future. I guess I just don't want to "waste time" doing things that aren't 100% satisfying. Until I change my tune again...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Piper Pea

I took some pictures of my friend Kristen's baby, Piper, this evening. She is so cute...and chubby! Here's a little preview of her 1st Birthday pictures.
This was Kristen's chair when she was a baby...I think...
Piper sat with her little ankles crossed like this the entire time! What a little lady she is!
My fave.
Lovin' some sweets, just like her mama!
Check back for more. As for me, Insanity day 13 is dreadfully calling my name from the backyard! Oh, and I am leaving for cheer camp in the morning. Perhaps I should prepare! See ya in a few...

Painted Wallpaper...

This painted wallpaper seemed like a great idea until I actually started it. I mean, it is still a great idea, and I think it's going to be wonderful, but it is just taking forever. Okay, I am lying again. It's really not taking any time at all because I am not working on it. Here is where it is going (in that little "area").
Here's a little update anyway. I got the idea here at Jones Design Company. She even provided a template!
I printed the template, cut it out, traced it onto cardstock, and then cut that out. Kevin then looked at me and said, "Wouldn't it be nice if that was on a piece of wood with a handle?" I mean, of course that would be nice!!! Guess what he came back with about 5 minutes later? Yep, you guess it!
Even a cute little knobby! I got to tracing. And tracing. And tracing. It's crazy to think that I wanted to do like two entire walls like this! I am glad I started out small. Kind of small, anyway. Here is my progress so far. Still annoyed that I can't find a table for this entryway. Oh well!

Maybe Kevin will have it finished when I get back from cheer camp...