Sunday, October 9, 2011


I happened to look at my poor little blog the other day and I was feeling like I needed to update. This little girl has been so busy lately! Going back to work has been a joy, but a busy one! Kevin us leaving for a week for a business trip {neither of us ever thought Kevin would be the "business trip" type} so I have been busting out little projects yesterday and today in order to get the house prepared for a week of madness! Luckily, it's a pretty slow week for me, as far as work goes, so everything should run smoothly {fingers crossed}!

Here are the lastest little updates around this big empty {furniture and decor, I mean} house! This is the family room. I put out a few fall things but vowed to not purchase anything new so this is what I had to work with. Keep in mind, our previous house was less than 1/2 of what we have now, so my furniture and "things" are just enough to fill up about ONE room! But that's okay because we have room to GROW! I am in love with this pillow. It was on my bed but I couldn't resist moving into the family room.
This little gallery wall is a work in progress. So many of my frames are empty. If you look closely, that little gold frame is even turned the wrong way! Well, the right way for this space but opposite of what it was so the pitcure is on its side :) One day, one day!
Kevin has been working on trimming the olive trees. This poor guy is so dead on one side {the tree, I mean} Hopefully we can figure out something! Oh, and Kev is so proud of how sharp he made those clipper things. This time of year, the lawn is full of olives from the trees so it's a great job for the girls to help out with!
This was my project for the day! I made two cute little Halloween wreaths for the front doors. They are pretty adorable :)

I made this sign last weekend. Love it! {Please ignore my dusty table} The best thing about Fall in Bakersfield is that it is still in the high 70s-80s and so nice out! We will probably have another week or two of warm weather before the cold winter sets in {and by cold I mean 60s}
Here's to hoping I will not go another 2 months without blogging! Have a fabulous week!