Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What My Body Craves..

What do you absolutely crave?  I used to crave Pepsi.  Gross to think of that now, but it is true.  I am not talking the occasional crushed ice, Styrofoam cup loveliness that I still indulge in every once in a while--I am talking about stocking my fridge full of this stuff.  One day, Kevin and I decided that maybe we should not consume so much sugar so we switched to DIET soda (or pop for you Utah and Idaho residents.)  We thought we were super healthy for that switch.  This went on for years.  I can't even begin to imagine the amount of money we spent on the stuff every week!  Water was definitely the backup option in my house.

I've talked about this on Facebook before, but I'll elaborate here...because you'll think it's interesting...or not...whatever!  Okay, so we go to Idaho once or twice a year to visit Kevin's family and our friends and we usually stay for about two weeks at a time.  We always drive because we like to have our own car there, I would never put myself on an airplane with my crazy children, and, frankly, because it would cost a fortune to buy airline tickets for 5 people!  Secretly, I love the drive, though.  Sure, the girls drive me crazy by asking the typical, "Are we there yet?" questions and by having to pee every 45 minutes, but it is really the only time out of the whole year that we get to spend together with no interruptions.  No projects, no TV, no cooking, no working out--just the 5 of us.  The girls pretty much do their own thing the whole drive so Kevin and I get to spend a lot of time chatting.  If you know Kevin and I, you know that we don't talk much during the week.  This isn't intentional, but we are both so busy at work all day, with the girls in the afternoon, then with projects, dinner, gym time, etc. in the evening.  We are absolutely not the type of couple that sits down together and watches a TV series or chats over a glass of wine in the evening...some days this would be wonderful, but it just isn't how we function!  I'm getting sidetracked.  SO:

When we drive and chat, we typically discuss our goals.  That's all we talk about, actually.  Kevin's main goals are ALWAYS to do something amazing for a career (like woodworking, handyman-ing, etc.) and to work out and get in great shape (he already is, by the way.)  My goal is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS to eat better and to be a better example for my girls.  Not that I want them to be crazy organic lovers (which wouldn't be horrible) or anything, but I want them to learn from me and make good choices.  I don't want them to crave Pepsi or french fries or anything else that is so addictive and horrible for them.  Those are our goals.  And for 6.5 years of driving to Idaho for 13+ hours, each way, I have talked about making these changes for myself and my family.  As I returned home, I would do well for a few days, then FAIL miserably.  Like seriously.

I'm a pretty petite gal, so I was never really into looking to lose weight, and I have been an avid gym goer for about 5 years.  That being said, the nutrition was definitely where I struggled.  Because I drank Pepsi and we ate out ALL THE TIME.  Oh, and I would sometimes go the entire day without eating, then be ravaging in the evening when Kevin got home from work.  SO frustrating!  The funny thing is, I was never really frustrated at the time.  I didn't know that I was doing such damage to my little body because I just didn't know any better.  Until one day...

Last June, I had a procedure done that left me with a little bit bigger than a quarter sized wound that wouldn't heal.  Two times, my doctor re closed the wound, he tried countless topical treatments, organic supplements, etc.  Nothing worked.  We came to the conclusion that, for some reason, my skin and tissue just didn't want to cooperate as quickly as it should and I would have to remain on antibiotics, and in pain, until it was ready to close on its own.  It's a good thing I have 1000% (yes, one thousand) faith in my surgeon and I knew that it was MY body's fault, and not his, that I wasn't healing properly.  This nonsense went on from June until November.  That's right.  No swimming all summer.  Boo!

I had also developed a serious sleeping issue, probably because of the pain I was experiencing all the time.  I tried herbal teas, I tried Melatonin, I tried just getting over it.  Nothing.  I was exhausted ALL the time because I wouldn't fall asleep until 3 or 4 in the morning.  This was just as annoying to Kevin as it was to me.  I would toss and turn, then finally turn to him around 2AM and say something snarky like, "Ugh, it must be nice to be able to sleep at night!!!!!"  Haha, kind of funny now, but it was annoying at the time.  Okay, so finally I went to the PA at my doctor's office and she prescribed me Ambien to try to solve my problem.  Did it work?  Yes!  It made me sleep like a baby.  No more annoying Kevin with my middle of the night remarks, no more watching TV all night, surfing Facebook until all hours, etc.  I was finally sleeping.  BUT...I felt like HELL the next day.  Every single morning, I was groggy, cloudy, not alert.  Gross.  It was great to be able to just fall asleep without trouble, but I got to a point where I felt better without sleep than I did WITH the Ambien-induced coma!  In short, I was a wounded, tired girl.  <--this is a huge problem for me considering my husband, children, job, and household responsibilities.  I needed something.

Facebook had just started to become a little bit concentrated with people talking about nutritional cleansing.  I was absolutely not interested, which is weird for me because I'll buy anything I see a commercial for (skincare, blenders, workout programs, etc.)  My daughter's preschool teacher and a few other friends had mentioned that they were doing it and gave me the info.  Months passed.  I did nothing.  If I am being completely honest, I just tried it because I wanted people to stop talking to me about something I was clearly not interested in.  Plus, I was not going to give my SSN to them and be charged every month for something I'd hate.  HA!  So, I signed up for a ONE time charge and got my 9 day cleanse delivered to me a few days later.  What did I do with it?  Yep, I put it in my pantry and it sat in its box for all of September and all of October.  All this time I was suffering!  Sleep deprived, taking this crazy little pill, and NOT healing!!!

One day Kevin said, "You spent all that money on that cleanse, why don't you do it?  You think you could stick with it?"  Oh, Kevin, are you challenging me?  Of COURSE I can stick with it...I just don't want to do it because I want my soda and I want my Starbucks!  That same week, I was invited to an info session at some random girl's house (who later became a great friend.)  I went in with a pretty crappy attitude because I thought these people were nuts, but her house was decorated beautifully and she was wearing Tory Burch flats so my outlook on the whole situation changed really quickly.  I know, I am that petty.  So, there we sat.  Chatting.  For an hour or so.  These were CUTE girls who didn't need to lose weight, but simply used these products to maintain their amazingly healthy lifestyles, which I envied so much because, of course, THAT is always my goal.  Remember, from the car?  Anyway, the next day, November 11, 2011, I started my first 9 day cleanse.  The rest is downhill and I became one of the crazy Facebook people talking about this amazing product because I couldn't help but share with everyone I knew.

I was HOOKED.  I slept like a freaking rock every single night, without Ambien, and I woke up feeling incredibly rested and ready for the day.  Alert, clear-headed, energized, like I just had the best workout and I was ready to take on the day!  This was HUGE for me!!!  BUT, the absolute best thing about the entire experience is that my dreadful wound, that Kevin and I had both been nursing for 5 months, was completely healed after the 4th day (I am not allowed to claim that cleansing healed me, even though I think it did.)  I am a drama queen, that is true, but this stuff was no joke!  After that, I was super pumped up about the fact that I could wear normal clothes again and I could be comfortable and HEALED...FINALLY!!!  Aside from the most obvious reasons for my new obsession, I lost 4 pounds (which is good for me) and I felt better than I ever have in my whole life. I never really knew what it was like to feel great because I was doing so much wrong to my body before this!  I would have NEVER believed that what I feeding myself was making me unable to sleep and heal.  Being a drama queen again:  I get teary and emotional just talking about it.  Seriously.  It was the best thing I've ever done for myself because it has made me feel so amazing, comfortable in my skin, patient with my girls and students, nicer to my husband, and above all else, I now have the exact answer to how I can help myself be the best I can possibly be at all things.  I am a firm believer in the idea that it is impossible to be a good wife, mom, friend, teacher, etc. until you are good to yourself. My husband loves me more when I love myself and I am able to do so much more for others when I am, first, taken care of.  If you believe that putting others first is best, then that's great, but HOW much better do you think you could service them if you're running at 100% efficiency first?  Exactly!

Obviously, I have shared this great product with my family and friends and so many of them continue to use it.  Kevin and I are such firm believers and we never go a day without our amazing nutrition!  We are a much better family for what we have discovered and continue to consume every single day.  Oh, and we NEVER buy soda!  EVER!  Okay, maybe as a treat if we eat somewhere amazing or have a big family gathering, but never as a grocery store staple.  Longest blog post ever.  Sorry!  I have been wanting to go into detail about how Kevin and I have benefited from this for so long but I haven't done it.  So, here ya go! My story :)  The whole purpose behind this post was to chat about why I was feeling so crummy on vacation, but I feel better now so maybe it's not even worth it!  Plus, it feels good to get this emotional stuff out.  Is it weird that it's an emotional topic?  Probably so.  I'm okay with that. Have a great day, everyone! :)

Oh, and to answer the question I asked at the beginning, I crave water and chocolate shakes and sweating at the gym!