Thursday, December 27, 2012

How is it December 27th?

We rushed and rushed and rushed and rushed.  Rushed to finish shopping for the girls without spending a ton of money, rushed to sew and build personal gifts for parents, rushed to clean, rushed to cook, blah, blah, blah.  Now what?  Kevin is back to work and I am sitting here on the sofa blogging.  Wait, this might not be so bad!  I guess the point is that we spent so much time building up to Christmas and now it's over!  That's life, right?  It just seems a little bit silly that the day went by so quickly.

The girls woke up extra early.  Actually, that's not completely true because Charly thinks she is an infant and didn't sleep at all the night of Christmas Eve.  Seriously, she was awake, in and out of our room, ALL night!  It was miserable, but nothing new.  My parents came over to watch the girls open their gifts, I prepped the turkey, we laid Charly down for a nap, and the countdown was on to get to my sister's house by 11.  The turkey actually took a little bit longer than I expected, so we made it there by 11:30 and we were the first ones there!  The girls opened MORE presents, we had a delicious prime-rib lunch (my fab turkey was not the star this time), and then Kevin started stressing me out...he had to be at work by 6:15 to work a 12 1/2 hour shift, so he definitely needed to sleep at some point.  Luckily, we were done with all the festivities by about 2, so I took Kevin home, packed the girls' bags, went back to pick them up from my sister's house, and we hit the road to visit my grandparents.  They live about 1.5 hours away so it's not a terrible trek, but driving by myself wasn't what I wanted to be doing on Christmas.  Oh well! It's done now.  We had a good visit, the girls and I were totally spoiled for the 3rd time, and we came back home yesterday afternoon.

Whew!  What a whirlwind of a week!  11 more days before I have to go back to work.  I have all of these great plans of things I want to do over the next week.  Honestly, at this point, I have no serious intention of doing anything at all.  I am still trying to be okay with that.   For now, my only plan is to keep the girls quiet enough for Kevin to sleep well during the day, and I want to blog.  A whole lot.  I love doing it, but it's one of those things that I just don't keep up with well enough!  BUT since Santa totally spoiled me and brought me a new MacBook Pro, I am slightly more motivated :)

Here are the things I intend to blog about over the next few days:

  • An update on our kitchen remodel
  • Happy Homeaversary
  • Our doggies, Penelope and Sloan
  • New Year's resolutions
  • Goals for 2013