Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Best of 2012

Here are some of the best products I purchased in 2012!

Clinique Chubby Stick
These little babies are the best!  I have a few of them and I am sure my collection will be ever-growing. The only downside is having to drive to the mall to grab one because they're only sold at Clinique counters (unless you order online, of course).  The shades are to die for and the morning application lasts until lunch without having to touch up at all! 

Rayban Wayfarer
The most versatile, classic, and petite shades I've ever owned!  I have super sensitive eyes, so I have to have sunglasses on any time I am outside.  Wait, this section might be a lie, because now that I'm writing it, I think I may have actually purchased these before 2012.  Oh well!  These are a dream and come in so many colors now.  Mine are just plain black, and I am actually very shocked that I don't own least the tortoise :)  We'll see what 2013 brings!

Sentsy's Pixie Scentsy Bar
By far, my all-time favorite scent from Scentsy.  I actually picked this one up by accident.  All of my orders are typically placed through my friend, Kathi, but I happened to be at my sister's friend's house and she had some extras so I bought this one from her.  So lovely!  It smells just like the color of the package...if you can imagine that...I really don't know how else to describe it!  Sweet, but spicy and subtle and clean all at the same time  Throw it into your next order.  You won't be disappointed.  

The Reva Flat by Tory Burch
My FAVORITE shoes ever!  My friends make fun of me all the time because when I find something I really like, I tend to become a little bit obsessed.  For example, I adore these flats, so it is a biiiiiiiiig joke that I won't buy anything that's not TB.  Not true.  I wish it was.  Anyway, when I first got these, I was a little bit disappointed because they killed my feet.  I had huge dents in the backs of my ankles from the scrunchy, gathered backs.  The leather is really soft though, so I knew they'd stretch out.  Plus, I had big plans for these sweet little girls.  They had to become more comfortable.  I stuck it out, and after about  6 or 7 wears, they were dreamy.  I won't lie, these have a pretty price tag, but they are so perfect, it's worth it.  I wore them all late summer and fall and they look brand new.  There's no doubt they'll last a very long time.  Another item I will absolutely purchase in more colors.  I have my eye on the nude and red ones, as we speak.  

Lululemon's Wunder Under Crop

Since the first time I put these little miracles on, I have never worn another pair of leggings to the gym or Crossfit.  The ugly truth is that I often wear them just as pants.  Not to work.  Well, that's a lie.  I've been known to wear them with a tunic and boots (they're much longer on my legs).  I totally splurged on the first pair I bought.  Kevin and I were in Boise shopping for the girls' school clothes, and the price tag totally made me cringe, but girl in Lululemon totally talked me into them.  Plus, it was almost my birthday!  Kevin bought them for me, and I was SO excited to wear them.  A few months later, I posted something like "how many times do I have to wear the same workout pants before it's okay to buy a second pair?" on Facebook.  I was convinced it was the right thing to do.  You would think mine were becoming tatty after having to be washed almost every day, but I swear I can't tell them apart from my new ones!  Both of the WUs I have are solid black, but they do come in a variety of other colors and waist band designs.  Unfortunately, the other colors are not often available in my size for some reason.  I'll be patient because the red Wunder Unders are to die for!

There you have it!  My obsessions for 2012!  I think it's safe to say I'll have the same obsessions this year.  Hopefully I can step out of my comfort zone a bit and try new things.  I am completely aware that most of my favorites are pricy.  However, I am totally of the mind that "you get what you pay for", and I don't splurge very often.  Really, I don't even shop very often.  Not nearly as much as I'd like to, anyway!  Here's to bargains, saving for great items, and finding fantastic products in 2013!


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