Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"You're Doing Just Fine"

For the first time in two weeks, the girls and I went out to do a little bit of shopping.  Earlier this week I read this post from one of my favorite blogs.  In the post, the writer talks about her struggles in taking 4 children out to lunch.  This was totally me today!  The good thing is, I had a much better experience.  One of the serious problems I have in my life if getting on kicks.  I get this from my mom.  Hers are usually with food (mint Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches before bed EVERY night, things like that), and mine are usually with products.  Lately, lipstick and vitamins.  Today I was on the hunt for vitamins.  We went to Target to get Kevin some soap and luckily I found one of the vitamins I was after.  The girls were okay because I bribed them with Starbucks (chocolate milk, not coffee).  After Target we went to Cone's Health Food and Vitamins.  They didn't have what I needed.  By this time, Charly had to go potty.  We sped over to Lassen's and I found what I was looking for AND a potty for Cha.

Before we went into Lassen's, I was unloading the girls from the car.  They typically like the do everything by themselves.  EVERYTHING.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say that.  Zoë is super lazy and always wants me to do things for her.  Anyway, after I parked, I opened the back door to get Charly out.  For whatever reason, they all HAD to get out of that door, Charly wouldn't let me unbuckle her carseat, and there was a car waiting to get into the spot next to me.  I started panicking.  I thought to myself, "This lady definitely thinks I am crazy for this".  Much to my surprise, she rolled down her window, I apologized for taking 14 minutes to unload the car, and she smiled and said, "You're doing just fine.  Happy New Year, honey".  Ahhhhhh!  It was so nice to hear!  Perhaps that is what happens when you shop at a health foods store!

I felt compelled to share this story.  As most of you have probably experienced, people are rude!  Especially people who do not understand your struggles, etc.  I can't even count the number of times I was out shopping or running errands with Reese and Zoë while pregnant with Charly, and people would say things like, "You're pregnant AGAIN?"  Yep, totally pregnant again.  Get over it.  (not currently pregnant, FYI)

We are usually a pretty put-together bunch.  Today was different.  We were all frazzled and hungry, but  the sweet lady in the blue car totally made my day.  As Emily instructs in her post, be nice to people.  If you see a mom struggling with her kids, HELP her!!  Or at least smile at her :)

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